• Let’s Get Digital

    Let's Get Digital by Johann A. Gómez for the 30 Day Art Challenge. I've always been enamored with digital watches. As a kid I nagged my father to let me play with the ones he owned. I was obsessed with pushing their buttons, lighting them up and making them go "Beep!". I love the variety in digital timepieces, enabling wearers to match their watch to their personality. This collection is my homage to this enthralling little accessory; a mini time capsule of my experience of the 1980s. My father and I owned several of these watches while others I only dreamed of possessing (like the PACMAN watch!). 30 Day Art Challenge invite artists to create 30 works of Art in 30 days during the month of October for an Annual December Show held at the T.K. Artist Lofts in Seattle, Washington. All Artwork Copyright © Johann A. Gómez 2012 All Rights Reserved.