• Baby J Nursery

    At the time when we were creating our nursery we didn't know the sex of our baby, we wanted it to be a surprise. So I designed a reoccurring theme that was gender-neutral. Since our baby will be born on 2010, the Chinese Year of the Tiger, I wanted to express this theme in a compelling yet unique way. Each graphic wall piece and article of furniture includes a playful interpretation of a tiger's shape and lines as well as photographs and illustrations of tigers from multiple cultures around the world. The large “J” in the center of the alphabet above the crib symbolizes the first letter of our baby’s first name. It also plays a significant role in the direction of the baby’s room as well as in our lives as my wife and I both come from all “J”-named families. I also designed my own interpretation of the classic silhouette photo, drawing one for my wife, who was also born during Chinese Year of the Tiger, and for myself, born the Year of the Rabbit. Finally, I finished the room with symbolism from my Mexican heritage - handmade Ojos de Dios - to keep watch over this new addition to our family. All Artwork Copyright © Johann A. Gómez 2010 All Rights Reserved.